Empower Your App With AI & Human Support

Connect Your App With Your Support Team
Gratified is a customer communication platform that provides seamless support within your app or site
Hybrid AI/Human Support
Gratified automates customer support responses and brings in your team when needed
Automatic Knowledge Generation
Gratified's platform learns from each interaction and dynamically generates new knowledge
Support Co-Pilot
Multi-factor triaging that considers the time of day, customer importance, and sentiment, you'll be able to provide personalized and timely responses like never before.

Future-proof support.

Give your customers perfect support every time through our fusion of AI and human assistants

Guaranteed Happiness

Maximize Positive Outcomes

Gratified’s AI is constantly watching over its conversations to evaluate customer sentiment and resolution status. It knows when a problem is solved or when it’s time to escalate the situation.

We Speak Chat

Speak to Your Customers on Their Terms

Gratified supports the channel your customers prefer whether it’s our web interface, WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram

You Are Served

Customers want 24/7 Self-Service

Finally you can deliver it to them 24/7 by automatically making your GPT more knowledgeable over time, thanks to Gratified.

Gratified’s AI-First Platform Saves You Time and Money From Day One

Resolve issues at lightning speed. Customer support labor can cost a fortune, especially for technology companies. Gratified slashes these costs.
Gratified is constantly learning so it can become more autonomous. Companies typically experience a 50% reduction in human assisted issues within the first month on its platform.
You can have your team up and running with Gratified in under an hour. Instantly experience immediate value while delighting your customers.
Standard Support Costs
Costs with gratified

Real results from real businesses

Jessica, Customer Support Manager

“Gratified has drastically reduced our support backlog and adds a personal touch our users love. Its ability to learn new knowledge is incredible!”

Martin, Head of Operations

“Skeptical at first, but Gratified's external knowledge access and accurate solutions have boosted our customer satisfaction. A game-changer!”

Priya, Product Strategy Lead

“With diverse support needs for our products, Gratified's empathetic and detailed answers have been a lifesaver. It’s like adding a skilled support team overnight.”

Carlos, Technical Lead

“In the medical device field, Gratified's precision and conversational touch are invaluable. Its continuous learning is a major asset.”

Aisha, Business Development Manager

“Thanks to Gratified, we focus more on product enhancement. Its ability to handle complex queries and integrate human agents is impressive.”

Why Companies Trust Gratified?

Increased Efficiency

Dive into a world where over your support is increasingly automated. Reallocate your resources and focus on growth.

Enhanced Customer Relations

With 24/7 availability and smart triaging delight your customers in ways you've never imagined.

Your Team, Semlessly Integrated

Gratified blurs the lines between autonomous and human agents to provide the ultimate in fast, accurate and enjoyable support experiences for your customers

Progressive Excellence

As Gratified learns, watch your support evolve. Handle more complex issues with ease over time.

Setting Up Is a Breeze

Instant Automation

Connect Gratified to your app, or use our GPT on your site

Team Integration

Invite your team members to join Gratified and they'll quickly become part of the conversation

Go Live!

Start with your app or website and add social channels when you're ready.