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Welcome to the first AI-assisted, collaborative texting platform for customer service. Gratified automates best practices from the world's favorite brands to elevate your customer service and maximize your reputation.


    Gratified Builds Strong, Long-lasting Customer Relationships

    • An ongoing dialog with your customers

      Offer an outstanding SMS-based customer experience! Build a personal bond with your customers with a single conversation that continues over time

    • Shared customer communications

      Gratified lets anyone in your team text with a customer. Collaborate and cover for each other so your customers are always taken care of.

    • Instant messaging for teams

      Gratified lets you have private conversations with your team members so you can quickly discuss issues and coordinate your customer responses.

    • Built-in Intelligence To Encourage the Best Service

      Using automations and intelligent reminders, Gratified works hard to ensure your customers are responded to in a timely manner and with a positive result. 

Don’t Get Lost In Translation

Gratified is completely multilingual. Your customers can speak in any language or dialect and your team members will receive it in theirs. Now you can effortlessly communicate without requiring specific team member language skills.

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Set A New Standard for Customer Service With The Help of AI

Gratified uses artificial intelligence to help you and your team provide outstanding service and support. Gratified quickly summarizes customer issues, suggests the perfect response, and shows you a client’s satisfaction level.

    Provide a Concierge-like Experience

    Gratified reminds you when it’s time to follow up. It can automatically suggest an appropriate response, and lets you quickly research any topic by asking any question about anything! Gratified can even author content for you such as a blog post, email or newsletter.

      Know Your Customer Over Time

      .Gratified’s AI continuously builds a profile of each customer so team members are up to speed. When you're communicating with a customer you haven't met before, Gratified summarizes previous conversations to get you quickly up to speed.

        Understand your customer at a deeper level

        Gratified’s, Heartbeat technology continuously  monitors the sentiment of your customers so you can answer with the correct tone and manner. It also makes recommendations on responses that customers are mostly likely to react positively to.  A built in NSFW filter keeps inappropriate content out.

        We ❤️ connection. So will your clients. Join the revolution.

      • 85%

        of consumers expect ongoing conversations

      • 72%

        of customers want personalized messaging

      • 90%

        of customers prefer text over a phone call

      • Maximize Your Reputation By Removing Frustration

        The modern consumer looks for companies that understand their individual needs. Long wait times, stiff scripts, or constantly having to repeat themselves to different agents are problems they face daily. Why not give them the power to text you in the same way they would text a friend or family member?

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        Gratified’s Features Let You Connect With Your Customers Easily and Effectively

        • Ongoing Customer Conversations

          Unlike live chat or a phone conversation, Gratified conversations continue over time

        • Team-based  Collaboration

          Your customer texts one number – your whole team can collaborate and text them back.

        • Multi-lingual Communication

          Gratified automatically and continuously translates between each client and team member in their native language

        • Company Instant Messaging

          Instant message your team members or groups and coordinate responses to your customers.

        • AI-based Customer Insights

          Understand your customer’s mood and needs to quickly provide perfect responses

        • Safe for Business

          Gratified follows compliance rules and can be used for industries including financial services and healthcare

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