Customer Chat

Our goal is to make texting between clients and your company easier to manage and more effective than ever before. Discover how that happens here!


What you will learn: 

  • How to text with customers.
  • How the shared inbox works.
  • How to sort and filter chats.
  • How to streamline collaboration in your company.

Customer chat is the heart and soul of the Gratified app. Improving the customer experience and streamlining communication is what we’ve built the app for!


Getting Around The Customer Chat


Mobile app


You can easily find it by choosing the chat icon in the bottom menu. From there, you can either chat with your workmates (by choosing the “Company” tab) or text with your clients (you’re there if the “Customer” tab at the top is green).


At the top, you will see three icons: search, new message, and more.

  • Search enables you to find a chat with a chosen customer.
  • A new message allows you to write directly to a customer – you have to just choose their name and tap “CHAT.”
  • Click the “more” icon to go to the chat options. There, you can either add a new customer manually or import contacts from your phone. Remember: to successfully import your contacts, you need to allow Gratified to access your contact list.


Web app


You can find the customer chat in the left panel of your web browser. Just choose the “Customers” tab to open the chat. To start chatting, just click on the “New Message”, or choose someone from the left panel.




Below the “Customer” and ‘Company” tabs, you will find filtering options. You can filter your inbox by status to display only chats that are either pending, assigned to you, unresolved, or resolved (more about chat statuses later in this guide).




Chats are sorted by their importance. Chats will be grouped under one of two labels: Require your attention and Others. Those that might require your attention are listed under the former label. Think of it as a simple to-do list where the chats are your tasks to accomplish!


Chat statuses


You can check the status of any customer chat by looking at how it’s labeled. There are three main labels: pending, assigned (to you or someone else), and resolved. Here’s a brief introduction to each of them:


Pending – this label means that there’s a new message from a customer waiting to be taken care of! If you tap on this chat, you will find a button that will assign this customer to you. You can also assign this chat to someone else in the chat options.


Assigned – you can read this as “under construction” – this status means that someone from the team is currently chatting with this customer. This label will also state who’s assigned to it.


Resolved – means a job well done! A chat should only be marked as resolved only when the customer is satisfied with the customer service and all their inquiries have been answered – at least for now.