Your customers want to text your business. Offer them the most personalized and effective way to communicate. Win with the ongoing SMS-based conversations.

The Story of Your Customer Experience 
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Modern customers expect prompt, ongoing, and seamless communications. 
Give them exactly that with an SMS-based shared inbox for your whole team.

93% of consumers want to engage in ongoing SMS-based conversations.

SMS-based Customer Chat

More personal than an email, more flexible than a call, more convenient than live chat, and always at arm's length. With an open rate of 98%, SMS is the most effective way of communication (and the easiest one, too). It takes seconds for your clients to contact your company – and for your team to answer.

No more tangled threads. Your customer text you on your unique Gratified Number. The message goes to the dedicated chat, where your whole team can easily collaborate to provide a quick and well-tailored answer (and assure your clients that you are and will always be the best choice).

90% of consumers expect immediate responses. Save time by creating instant replies to the most common questions.

What is a Gratified Number?

It’s your unique number that your clients can text as usual. 

The exciting part is – the message goes straight to 

the shared inbox in Gratified App, where the magic happens.

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Make each of your customers feel that they are your main focus.

Concierge-like, Personalized Communications

Store the whole history of your interactions and all the important information about your clients in a single, safe place that your team can easily access anytime. Collect priceless insights to always surprise your clients with your engagement.

Do you know that more than 70% of consumers believe that companies should collaborate on their behalf so that they don’t have to repeat information to different representatives? With Gratified, all communications with a customer can be found in a single, searchable chat thread, accessible to all company members.

Match each customer with the right company member in seconds. Achieve clear accountability and minimize your response time by assigning chats to an agent or a team – depending on their availability to provide the perfect answer suited to your customer’s needs. No need to forward, call, or keep your clients in line – assigning takes three clicks.

Did you know…

…that SMS has the highest open rate among all channels? Use it to your advantage!

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86% of consumers prefer human agents to AI technologies.

Efficient Collaboration with Company Chat

Teams allow your company members to communicate and collaborate to help their clients. You can easily assign a customer to the whole team with one click (or reach them all at once with your message).

Everything you know from your favorite messaging apps comes together to provide your team with a seamless collaboration tool and excellent conversational experience. Bring your team together, even if you’re all working remotely.

It only takes 10 minutes without an answer for the customer to leave for the competition. Improve your team’s response time with customizable Smart Automations. It’s like you had a digital secretary for your whole team that makes sure that every customer is taken care of. Simple yet effective!

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Win with SMS-based Ongoing Conversations

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