Effortless Yet Effective – Communication Done Right

Ever get frustrated with inefficient customer service? That's probably the last thing you want your customers to feel. We get that. That's why we created Gratified – a customer communications platform optimized to build stronger and deeper relationships that grow your business.


    Ongoing Chat With Customers

    Offer an outstanding SMS-based customer experience! Build a personal bond with your customers with a single chat thread, unlimited by time and space.



    Concierge-like Experience Powered by AI

    Combine human touch with an intelligent algorithm that will automate your inbox. Let your customers interact with real people without compromising on effectiveness.

    Frictionless Team Collaboration

    All the collaboration tools your team needs to provide an outstanding service. Save time as you take teamwork to the next level.

Connect the Dots!

Do you know that 93% of customers want to text with their favorite brands, while 86% of us prefer to interact with another human instead of a chatbot? Grow with modern customer relations wisdom seamlessly packed into user-friendly tech that instantly makes you an expert. Now at your service.

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Experience the Synergy of Collaborative Communication

Imagine your customers can just text you whenever they please. Now you can create an unforgettable experience with ongoing, seamless communication at their fingertips. Build stronger and deeper relationships between your brand and customers.

    Win with SMS-based Ongoing Conversations

    • Ongoing Customer Chat

      Have a conversation with your customers wherever they are and share one inbox with your team.

    • Smart Automations

      Respond faster, and don't make your customers repeat themselves.

    • Customer Insights

      Personalize your service by collecting priceless information about your clients' unique needs.

    • Unified Business Number

      Your customer texts one number - your whole team can text them back. As easy as it gets!

    Close More Deals – With Ease

    • Collaborate

      Divide work to multiply revenue with seamless collaboration tools for your team.

    • Grow

      Constantly expand your base of devoted customers with educated insights into their needs.

    • Automate

      Let the work organize itself with a reassignment system, reminders, quick replies, and more.

    Cooperate Easily and Effectively

    Keep everyone in the loop with team communication.

    • Organize work and communicate efficiently with private chats and group chats.

    • Reach all of your team members within seconds.

    • Gain clear accountability with an assignment system.

    • Secure your business value with encrypted messaging and infinite archive.

We ❤️ connection. So will your clients. Be among the first to join the revolution.

  • 85%

    of consumers expect ongoing conversations

  • 72%

    of customers want personalized messaging

  • 90%

    of customers prefer text over a phone call

  • We Vouch for SMS

    Your customers expect excellence. Give them no less.

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    Grant splendid experience for your customers and team

    Explore human-centered software that will enhance your team's efficiency, grow your client base, and help you close more sales.

    • Easy to use

      All of your team members will learn how to use the app in less than 9 minutes, regardless of their experience.

    • Mobile

      Keep the conversation alive everywhere you are with the fully functional mobile app.

    • Efficient

      Minimize the time your company spends on communication and maximize the outcome.

    • Quick

      Reply or reach out to your clients and contact your teammates within seconds, with one tool, wherever you are.

    • Safe

      Exchange encrypted messages and keep all the important information safely in the cloud.

    • Support

      We are what we sell. No need to fill out forms, try to talk with robots, or wait on the phone. Just text us and we will help.

    Win with SMS-based Ongoing Conversations

    Try out Gratified with your team for 14 days, free of charge. See the improvement in your business and then make an informed decision.

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