Effortless yet effective – communication done right

Forget ticketing. Create an unforgettable experience for your customers with ongoing, seamless communication literally at their fingertips. Take advantage of intelligent solutions that will put your mind at ease while increasing customer retention.

    Elevate Customer Service to Relationship Management

    Offer effective and outstanding SMS-based customer experience! Reach your clients wherever they are, build a personal bond, and become their favorite brand.

    Create an addictive concierge-like experience

    Transform your customer support experience to expand your base of devoted clients, simplify your work, and provide a concierge-like service your clients will love.

    Expand your potential with team collaboration

    Communication is key. Keep your team in sync, and offer seamless collaboration with your customers. Save time as you take teamwork to the next level.

    Company chat

    Automatically collect new leads

    No more waiting! Let your clients text you straight from your website to your unique Gratified Number. Text them back within seconds from your Gratified app. Build a bond with your clients that last throughout their entire journey.

Connect the dots!

Don’t compromise on communication. 93% of the customers want to text with their favorite brands, while 86% of us prefer to interact with another human instead of a chatbot. Let your customers connect with your team in a way they know and love. Use modern technology to streamline ongoing conversations between your team and clients.

Experience the synergy of collaborative communication

Gratified uniquely integrates AI-based CRM, team collaboration, and SMS-driven communication into a next-generation seamless platform. Aim to build stronger and deeper relationships between your brand and customers with an ongoing conversation that delights.

    Transform your customer service into your biggest advantage

    • Make contacting your company easier than ever with the Gratified Button on your website.

    • Provide a frictionless conversational experience with SMS-based customer chat.

    • Respond faster, and don't let your customers wait in line repeat themselves - even once!

    • Receive a unique Gratified Number which your clients can use to contact the entire team and add to their shortlist.

    Build stable, long-lasting relationships with your clients

    Create an unbreakable bond between your customers and your brand. Take customer service to the next level by empowering any team member to reply to customers instantly and efficiently collaborate on customers’ inquiries with the rest of the team. Show your clients how well you know them by gathering priceless insights through intelligent customer profiles.

    Close more deals (with ease)

    • Collaborate

      Easily collaborate with your company members to provide perfect answers that convert.

    • Automate

      Streamline your workflow and save time with intelligent automations.

    • Grow

      Constantly improve your business with educated insights into your clients’ needs.

    Cooperate easily and effectively

    • Keep everyone in the loop with team communication.

    • Reach all of your team members within seconds.

    • Communicate efficiently with private messages and group chats.

    • Gain clear accountability with an assignment system.

    Grow and secure your business value

    As your client base grows and your team accumulates knowledge and data, put safety first! Keep all your important information in one secure place.

We ❤️ connection. So will your clients. 
Be among the first to join the revolution.

  • 98%

    open rate

  • 72%

    customers want personalized messaging

  • 90%

    prefer text over a call

  • We vouch for SMS

    The stats don’t lie: nearly 93% of consumers want to communicate via text message, over 77% of Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z want to shop with a business they can text, and 74% of consumers prefer texting with a real person.

    Create an experience for your team and customers that delights

    Explore our human-centered software that will enhance your team's efficiency, grow your client base, and help you close more sales.

    • Easy to use

      Get up and running in no time. Your entire team can learn to use the app in 9 minutes or less, regardless of experience.

    • Mobile

      Keep the conversation alive wherever you are with our full-featured mobile app.

    • Efficient

      Minimize the time your company spends on communication, and maximize the outcome.

    • Quick

      Engage with your clients and contact your teammates within seconds, wherever you are, all with one tool.

    • Safe

      Exchange encrypted messages, and store all your important information safely in the cloud.

    • Guaranteed support

      We practice what we preach. No need to fill out forms, talk with robots, or wait on the phone. Just text us at our own Gratified Number and we’ll help.

    Become a part of a revolution in customer relationship management

    Want to take it for a spin? Apply for the early access, become one of Gratified’s Founding Members and get a forum for proposing new features and capabilities. In return for your input, we will gift you with a 12-month subscription free of charge.

    • Get more valuable leads with the Gratified Button.
    • Close more sales with SMS-based customer chat.
    • Increase your efficiency with company chat.
    • Offer concierge-like customer service with smart CRM system.